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ViewPoint 3D Ltd is a London based company that was established in 2010 with the aim of developing near-reality 3D software for a range of applications, including business presentations, digital signage, and 3D movie creation.

ViewPoint 3D Presenter
is the first initiative to develop an immersive 3D presentation software that is intuitive, quick to learn, and that instantly creates stunning near-reality 3D animated presentations without the need for complex 3D design software.

Launched in 2012, ViewPoint 3D is an on-going project working with industry partners and users to create an exciting new type of full 3D presentation software.

We believe that in a 3D world, we should all be able to communicate our ideas and our dreams in a fully three dimensional manner.

If you are interested in visual communication in 3D, to create your OwnTV channels or presentations, we invite you to contribute your ideas!