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August 29, 2012: ViewPoint 3D version 1.04 editorial printed by 3D Focus.

August 27, 2012: ViewPoint 3D version 1.04 released with a range of new features, including drag-and-drop 3D model libraries for very rapid 3D scene creation. Support has been added for Stanford PLY, STL and FSRad object models. New 3D buttons with camera selection support interactive 3D kiosk applications. Screenshot. Video.

July 12, 2012: ViewPoint 3D version 1.03 released. Support added for 3D models with up to 256 materials each, and individual rendering settings for each material, including flat, textured and tinted glass, environment mapping and reflection layer.

June 27, 2012: ViewPoint 3D version 1.02 released. Available now in commercial and free demo version.

May 16-17, 2012: First official release of ViewPoint 3D Presenter, version 1.0 at ScreenMedia Expo, Earls Court, London, England.

May 3, 2012:
ViewPoint now supports Dimenco No Glasses 3D TVs. By just clicking the "Stereo 3D" button, ViewPoint 3D will configure its video output into the 3D + Depth interlaced Declipse full-background 3D format. No pre and post processing, not even saving to a file, just create your 3D presentation and click go, the 3D just jumps straight out of the screen, with live content updated by RSS feeds, database and well anything you like!

May 9, 2012: ViewPoint 3D
in the press : click here to see what the press are saying.

Viewpoint 3D is based on the original Viewpoint 2D software used by airports and industry to present complex data-controlled information, from passenger and staff information at airports, to business, industrial and scientific information.

ScreenMedia Expo 2012 Come and see ViewPoint 3D in action on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May at Earls Court London.  For further information, click on the image to the left, or email us to reserve tickets at:-