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ViewPoint 3D Presenter FAQ
What is ViewPoint 3D?
Viewpoint 3D Presenter could be considered as a 3D version of the most common  presentation software, allowing presentations to be created instantly by almost anyone.  It allows users to create 3D presentations as easily as any existing 2D presentation software, but all within a fully three dimensional environment.

What is the mission for ViewPoint 3D?

Viewpoint 3D Presenbter was officially launched in 2012, and we have many plans to extend the software to meet the needs of a range of users.
Were working to add features, add wizards to simplify content and animation creation, all with the aim of making ViewPoint 3D Presenter the future presentation and digitals signage software of choice.

Who uses ViewPoint 3d?
Users range from anyone wanting to make a visually stunning presentation in 3D, using standard 2D screens and projectors, or even the new
3D glasses-free TVs, to digital sigange providers who want to create TV channels for clients, or to airports who want to show passenger and
staff information, to hotels, shops, restaurants, hospitals, factories and colleges... anyone in fact who wants to show information in a fully
three dimensional way to communicate more effectively!

What do I need to set-up a digital sigange channel?
All you need is the ViewPoint 3D software and an adequately equiped computer that has a modern Graphics Processor.  ViewPoint 3D is
much more than just a presentation software, it also manages the computer, ensuring the computer never hangs-up or crashes, reporting
status and errors via email or SMS messages, downloading new content from FTP sites, RSS feeds, etc.

What support can I expect?
The same team of engineers that developed ViewPoint 3D are available to support technical issues, and to add the features you might
require in the future.