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    Learning how to create interactice 3D content with Viva3D Pro and manage digital signage networks is far easier with a little training.
    Even a short Skype session with one of our team will fast-forward your learning considerably.

    If you are using the software, or would like to see what it can do, please contact us to arrange a training session with Skype screen-share.

    1. View Viva3D User manual pdf

    The manual provides step-by-step instructions and explanation to create 3D content in literally seconds.
    Dynamic 3D: All content within scenes can be remotely updated via database, FTP, RSS or SMS, this includes 3D text, 3D objects
    themselves, images and scene selection.  This enables content to be always up-to-date, without the need for manual re-editing.
    Direct output to glasses-free 3D displays: Clicking either the 2D+Z or 3DS check boxes instantly outputs your content to 3D projection
    displays, no post processing needed. You´ll be amazed with the quality, and how a mid-range PC can run 3D at 4K resolution.

3D car scene 01
Complex scene with live-data feed and 2D+Z or autostereoscopic output
3D for US$ 44